Rossi Schaft mit Vorderschaft

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Rossi Schaft mit Vorderschaft
Rossi Tactical Stocks Collapsible Stocks with Pistol Grip and Tactical Forend fits most Rossi Shotgun & Rifle Models, including .223, .410, 12GA and 20GA. Rossi Products are manufactured in several different receiver/forend lengths and widths. This product retro-fits most Rossi rifle and shotgun styles. Patterned after the AR-15 CAR style assault rifle, the six-position fully collapsible buttstock is manufactured in the USA from virtually indestructible, matte black, glass-filled nylon and is covered by Limited Lifetime WarrantyThe matching "mil-spec" AR-15 forend is included in this combo package. Both buttstock and forend are equipped with sling swivel studs, with the forend sling swivel stud allowing the use of a universal featherweight bipod not included. Perfect for home defense, compact carry and ideal for use with heavy clothing or body armor. Easy installation requires no gunsmithing.
6 Position Collapsible Shotforce Buttstock
Stock Changes Length of Pull from 9 1/4" to 13 3/4"
Pistol Grip & Forend
2 Sling Swivel Studs
Patterned After the Colt AR-15/M-4
Compact Carry
Easy Installation
DuPont Extreme Reinforced Polymer
Manufactured in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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